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One of the oldest names in the adult entertainment industry has finally taken their business into the twenty first century. Playboy has once again come to the forefront as they have now founded a new website called Playboy TV.

This is a web channel that is specifically dedicated to creating high quality television shows based around the Playboy brand. They have many different types of dramas that feature some of the most well known names in the business.

Now, many people will view this with a skeptical eye because adult entertainment is negatively stereotyped as being bad scripts and even worse acting. However, on this site you can be assured that it uses the only the best actresses and professional camerawork. These workers are actors first; and just happen to be having sex, in essence. Playboy TV itself is top of the line and very easy to navigate. Trending on the homepage are the latest videos and shows along with a brief description of the activities that are going to take place on camera.

One of the best parts about Playboy TV is that it can be taken anywhere that a mobile device can connect to the internet. You can watch the shows from home, on a laptop, or even on a touch pad. The site also has a scheduling guide as well as a list of the shows that you will be able to tune into. The downside of this site is the limited content as well as the costs. On this site you will see all of the usual sexy content that can be expected from Playboy. However, there are no real niches, and there is essentially no chance of seeing any hardcore action at all on this site.

When it comes to the pricing, you pay more for the Playboy name than you pay for the quality of the content. Also, you must join up through your local internet connection or even your cable provider, which can ruin the sense of anonymity that is provided by using an internet porn site. Overall, Playboy TV is an interesting distraction with some quality shows, but if you are looking for porn, then you should consider going somewhere else.