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Have you ever tried to imagine what happens during a sorority initiate? Watching the videos on Haze Her will not bring out to you what actually transpires, but they portray what each and every one of us would like to believe happens behind those shut pink doors of our universities.

This site credits itself as the home to video submissions from different sororities. In fact; they say that all the submissions are actually real, so do not be surprised when you come across the term “real” used severally on the site. The real truth however, is that these videos are not real, but they are excellent and entertaining that you will not mind at all.

Presently there are 50 videos and each run for approximately thirty minutes. You will come across the pretty sisters who are so demanding and the only thing that seems to please them more is embarrassing the initiates who are so anxious to become sisters too that they are willing to do anything asked of them in order to achieve this. The initiates are asked to strip, abused verbally, put on a leash, displayed in front of a crowd of guys, clean the house, smell other initiates’ asses and pussies suck and ride strapons and much more.

The Haze Her content can be filtered using keyword tags into similar scenes. You are also able to save your favorites and rate the scenes. Not only are these babes gorgeous, but they are also excellent performers. You will notice that they do not look at the camera unnecessarily. This has made the scenes to appear so real that you will be left asking yourself several questions. The content is of high quality and you are able to stream the videos in an embedded player or download them in different formats that include Widows Media and an HD MP4 file. Each movie is accompanied with a set of high-res pictures and the fifty photo galleries can be downloaded in Zip files. Although the site still does not have a huge amount of content, it continues to grow.

Haze Her’s updating schedule however is not a great one since new content is only added once every two weeks. It also does not offer any bonus sites, but all in all, it has adequate to keep you entertained and you should definitely check it out.