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There are two types of girlfriends in the world. The ones who liberate and the ones who are clingy. To which you settle is always up to you. Or maybe not. Sometimes, realities of your girlfriend only surface when you have already establish a relationship overtime. And, it can get nasty. Sometimes, in the best of ways. GF Revenge is here to prove that.

If you love cute stuff and you find girls fighting each other in the name of sex and love, then GF Revenge is definitely the porn site for you. But don’t get it wrong, it’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s the other way around with bitter gourd ex-boyfriends take revenge to guys who have stolen their girls. Or even to the girls themselves. I bet this time you are really curious as to what the site really exhibits. I also bet that you definitely won’t be disappointed!

The site adheres to the demands of the modern audience. Therefore, all the contents that they upload to their database are all in the form of HD videos. This allows the audience to feel the action all the more when the ex-girlfriends start clutching the third party’s hair and end up having sex together like friggin’ wild lesbians. And I’m telling you, it’s fucking hot! There are also times when the boyfriend attacks the hood of the guy and ends up having a threesome with the girl that caused their fight. It’s funny how they suck each other’s cocks, too!

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