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Exploited College Girls is another one of the niche sites that has a wonderful construction but an absolutely atrocious delivery. For one thing, the site layout is amazing and offers you simple opportunities to find everything that you are looking for on the site. You will be able to find every model and every niche that you want to have access to by utilizing their search feature.

One of the most impressive facts about Exploited College Girls is that they have won a tremendous amount of AVN awards and other such awards for being one of the best college websites on the web today. They feature a great deal of young women, over five hundred as of the last count, that are being used and abused for sex by the men in the college dorms. Like any other great college website you can see that there are going to be a great amount of young women but you do not need to worry about inexperience with these women. Since there are over two thousand videos on the site, that means that each of the women here have the experience to show you what you want and how you want it. While the site sells itself as a wonderful amateur site, the fact of the matter is that the video quality is way to nice for amateurs because they do not have access to all of the best video making technology to produce 1080p videos as well as a camera that does not shake during any of the scenes.

There is some amazing camerawork on this site and they have some of the hottest models. If you are looking to join the site then you will need to find one of the memberships that suit you, but generally they charge about $24.99.

Overall Exploited College Girls is about average and has several positive aspects in terms of women, but has some detractors in the form of unfortunate characteristics with the content and its presentation. It is not likely that you will find a greater amount of younger, beautiful women, but the fact of the matter is that to be a top of the line site you need to have more than a few pretty faces.