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Do you know JS Hicks? Well, who wouldn’t know him. He’s the god in the world of nude photography. The man has been out and about catching the best porn files since the early 90’s. And if you were actually a porn enthusiast, you would really develop the heart to admire this guy and follow his trail. And if that’s not the case, then you will surely be elated to how he does his work and thus, be motivated to want to become like him. So, it’s a win-win situation! Anyways, the reason I’m talking about the guy is because of the fact that he’s been up to a new gig lately and it’s called Digital Desire.

Are you familiar to Playboy TV? To tell you the truth, Digital Desire is akin to that awesome site. Or even better actually. It comes to no wonder why that is so granted the fact that it’s co-created and fortified by the same person we know as JS Hicks. In the world of porn, what does this guy know? And I bet he’s really good at all sorts of photography too after seeing how he has mastered all of his porn photography specializations. Anyway, there’s just so much to examine in this site and you will be vivified by the fact that every time you pay a visit, something always seems new and there really things that are new to watch. So really, it’s an awesomely dynamic site that can serve as your party box for porn addicts!

What You Get With Digital Desire

The site has around 1,055 videos exclusive for the members. Alongside that would be 2700 plus photo galleries that when extracted can sum up to over a hundred thousand high definition photographs that are truly worth the hourly stare if you want to feel the climax when masturbating inside the men’s room during break time.

All these and more you can get from Digital Desire for as low as 8 dollars a month. In addition, you can actually download any contents you wish for rather than just watching them! Enjoy!