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Blacks on Blondes is a niche site that does just about everything that they can to offend the sensibilities of their audience. They cast the typical “Dumb Hood Rats” and then add in some naive women to serve the roles of their Blondes. The site does so many things wrong that we will have to view each thing individually.¬†First, the layout of the site is awful. As soon as you log on there are about twenty different areas that are brightly flashing trying to draw your attention.

They are part of the “illustrious” Dog Fart network, which prides itself on providing the worst quality porn as well as some of the most idiotic excuses for a script that have ever been attempted. They say that they specialize in cuckolds, creampies, and cumfarts, but really all they care about is taking pictures of well endowed men and then small, worn out porn actresses pointing with their mouths agape. They have apparently won some AVN awards for the best interracial, but the fact of the matter is that they just play on tired, old, gansta stereotypes and then hope that they can find people that are actually attracted to this kind of adult entertainment.

The only positive quality of Blacks on Blondes is that they give you access to twenty two other sites if you actually spend the money to join. However, this seems to be more of an apology than an attempt to provide high quality porn. Another sadly irritating part about this site is that there are more pictures of men on the home page than there are women. Unless they are trying to attract the gay niche, which they obviously are not, then they need to get more pictures of the bottle blondes. The only reason that I can think of for them not showing their actual models is that they are only women on the downside of their careers as porn actresses.

In order to join the site you have to pay a dollar for a day of access, but are limited to just the one site. Personally, this dollar could be better spent on a pack of gum. If you want to get a full month of access to the site and all of the Dogfart network, then you need to pay $29.99. However, there are many other better uses for the money, and much better quality porn to be found on the web. By the way, all of this is a joke! Join Blacks on Blondes, if you enjoy interracial goodness!