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POVD Discount

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POVD is the new porn angle that is driving people crazy as it fits in with what most of the people watching it want to happen. The entire idea is that you can watch these hot women being fucked, but you watch it as if you are the one pleasuring them. This angle is seriously hot, so imagine how good an entire website dedicated to it is going to be.

It Is Almost As If You Are There

How often have you watched porn and felt jealous about the guys that are doing the fucking? Maybe you are fed up seeing the guys and would prefer it if the focus was just one the girls being fucked? Well, there is no longer any need for you to feel that way thanks to the povd discount because it really does feel as if you are there for cheap. I love that it comes across as her looking up at me while she has that cock inside her and it is just so much hotter than you could ever imagine.

They Might Not Have Many Models, But They Are Hot

At the last count, this site only had just over a dozen models, but they are all seriously hot and love to be fucked, so we love every single one. They also love to be fucked in a whole host of positions whilst telling you how good you are and what red blooded male could turn down that kind of offer?

The Length Of Movie Means You Give Them A Good Fucking

Each movie on POVD works out at around 25 minutes long and this is certainly pretty good as it means you can give them a good fuck. Each movie is also exclusive to them, so you are not going to see them getting boned like this anywhere else and this is just a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of other sites that are around.

I was seriously impressed with what POVD had to offer me and even though I was new to this particular style of shooting porn I ended up absolutely loving it. I cannot recommend it highly enough, so perhaps just go and check it out for yourself instead.


HD Love Discount

Limited Time HD Love Discount is Now Available!

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60% off your six month signup ($9.95/mo.)


If something has the letters HD in their title, then they better be offering some high quality content. The quality is something that can really sell a website to potential members and I have to say that when it comes to HD Love you are not going to be disappointed.

It’s A Gorgeous Site To Visit

As soon as you land on this website you just know that you are in for a great time because the design of the site is such that they really know how to sell themselves to you. There are fabulous images showcasing the different scenes that are on their site and you just feel as if you are being drawn in and want to watch them all.

The Content Is So Glossy, But Sexy

Ok so we know that the layout of the site is wonderful, but it has to be like that in order to compete with the quality of the content. You see the term HD does not even do this site justice because every single scene is shot so beautifully that for the first time ever you might appreciate it for more than just the hot fucking taking place.

How About The Models?

The thing about a site that shoots in HD is that all of the little things that a person may feel is wrong with them is going to be picked up on camera. However, you feel that this is not going to be an issue with HD Love because everybody that appears on the website just seems to be absolutely gorgeous. It is actually quite sickening that so many people can be so beautiful and all in the one place.

No Scripts Just Hot Action

Something else that I love about this site is that they do not believe in scripts, so it is straight into the hot action rather than you having to cope with bad acting. I would much prefer this kind of thing happening with a porn site rather than having to put up with a story about a plumber.

HD Love is a seriously hot website that actually does provide you with what it promises on the front page. The sex is stunning, the women gorgeous, and it is just a pleasure to be a member.


Exploited College Girls Discount

Limited Time Exploited College Girls Discount is Now Available!

30% off your 30 day membership ($24.95)


Exploited College Girls is another one of the niche sites that has a wonderful construction but an absolutely atrocious delivery. For one thing, the site layout is amazing and offers you simple opportunities to find everything that you are looking for on the site. You will be able to find every model and every niche that you want to have access to by utilizing their search feature.

One of the most impressive facts about Exploited College Girls is that they have won a tremendous amount of AVN awards and other such awards for being one of the best college websites on the web today. They feature a great deal of young women, over five hundred as of the last count, that are being used and abused for sex by the men in the college dorms. Like any other great college website you can see that there are going to be a great amount of young women but you do not need to worry about inexperience with these women. Since there are over two thousand videos on the site, that means that each of the women here have the experience to show you what you want and how you want it. While the site sells itself as a wonderful amateur site, the fact of the matter is that the video quality is way to nice for amateurs because they do not have access to all of the best video making technology to produce 1080p videos as well as a camera that does not shake during any of the scenes.

There is some amazing camerawork on this site and they have some of the hottest models. If you are looking to join the site then you will need to find one of the memberships that suit you, but generally they charge about $24.99.

Overall Exploited College Girls is about average and has several positive aspects in terms of women, but has some detractors in the form of unfortunate characteristics with the content and its presentation. It is not likely that you will find a greater amount of younger, beautiful women, but the fact of the matter is that to be a top of the line site you need to have more than a few pretty faces.


Backroom Casting Couch Discount

Limited Time Backroom Casting Couch Discount is Now Available!

30% off your 30 day membership ($24.95)


 Backroom Casting Couch is one of the most interesting websites on the net today. They claim that they are a business that brings girls into the office in order to perform an interview, and they all irrevocably end up having sex with the person that is trying to interview them. While this is not a truly believable set-up, it is still an interesting way to engage in the adult entertainment.

First things first, the entire web design is absolutely terrible, with nothing but pictures of nude girls being streamed down the website. This gives you a little bit of a view of what you can see on the website, for the most part it does not do anything for the viewer. There are no reasonable search methods on the site in order to identify the particular niches that you expect to see or even the different girls.

Backroom Casting Couch does offer some ways of looking for various women on the webcams shows, but for the most part it is simply a way to increase the level of web traffic. That is not to say that they do not have a lot of different niches or genres for the porn. They have everything on the site from BJs to foot fetishes, and the women all tend to perform admirably. Like all sites that attempt to focus on one aspect of adult entertainment, this site almost falls entirely flat because they are not able to get out of the whole “All of these women are tricked into participating in our porn”.

The Backroom Casting Couch site has some decent graphics capabilities such as being featured entirely in high definition qualities, however, there is not a whole lot left to salvage on the site once you get passed the smoking hot women. If you are looking to become a member to this site then you will need to pick a membership plan that reflects the amount of time that you would like to become a member of the site, which can offer you a discount. Overall, this is not one of the best sites on the web and is average when all aspects are considered.


Sweetheart Video Promo Code

Limited Time Sweetheart Video Promo Code is Now Available!

67% off your 30 day membership ($9.95)

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Sweetheart Video might not live up to the “romance-gals-only” image that you have in your head after looking at the site’s name. So, discard this image you have been erroneously holding in your head. Instead, think of smoldering lesbian hardcore action that will knock the air out of your lungs. 

There are various DVD titles out there that you may have seen like LESBIAN TRUTH OR DIE that make up part of this site’s material. If you have never seen any lesbian hardcore quality smut action, then you can finally see what all the fuss is about on this site. It’s an interesting thing, but we have yet to see any lesbian niche site that has plain looking models.

The models inside Sweetheart Video who love punany romping sessions are all beautiful babes you will love watching. The fact that they get down and nasty with other babes only adds to the “hot erotic factor” this material has. And unlike other porn sites that hire actors and models to pretend being lesbian, this site is all about realism. 

The gals who do all the licking and sexing inside are certified real-life lesbians and bisexuals. The material comes out better when there is no acting, but real lesbians having fun making each other orgasm. The desire and love for the fine female pussy is something that these gals hold dear and you will also come to love it when you watch the material on this site.

There are 531+ Sweetheart Video movies you can stream or download. Even the movies that have the lowest bit rates quality still look glittery and amazing. A lot of the movies you will see inside have High Def quality, which is true value for your money. 

We can bet that you will want to save lots of favorites since the lesbian action inside is just so out-of-this-world freaking good. You are going to want to repeat those scenes time and time again.

Everything goes when these lesbians are in the throes of pleasure including licking, toy insertions, anal, licking, caressing, etc. The 963+ photo sets are banging High Res images. The site has a slideshow feature and saving through the use of the .zip file is feasible. 

The update schedule that this site has in place is one new addition every four days. To keep your lust busy and your juices flowing, you can kill some time on the four sites included in your membership. These sites are from the Mile High Network.

The lesbians inside will ensure they leave you aching and moaning since they love making hardcore action with fellow beautiful babes. Sweetheart Video is good lesbian loving like you’ve never seen before, you should check them out if lesbo is what you want.


PlumperPass Discount

Limited Time PlumperPass Discount is Now Available!

30% off your three month signup ($21.65/mo.)


PlumperPass is all about big beautiful women who love getting naked and freaky for the camera. There are so many good things inside this network. The tits and asses inside are big, round, and plump and the gals are beautiful buoyant models who are very erotic. 

With the massive material that you will enjoy inside, you will become a convert and come to love extra large ladies. There is no need to starve your cravings of “big buffet dishes” instead feast to your delight inside this network. When you pay for your membership to this network, you will have unregulated access to the six sites inside namely, BIG BABE BLOWJOBS, HOT SEXY PLUMPERS, FIRST TIME FATTIES, PLUMPERS AT PLAY, BBWS GONE BLACK, and BBW DREAMS.

The PlumperPass network has a homepage where you can start your travels into the fascinating world of BBW hardcore. There are links and buttons that take you to the different sites. The update page has the current movies and pics added making navigation even easier for new members. 

When we last checked this flesh-filled network, there were 1616 videos of fatty sexy gals. The network has changed with the times and now they have High Def files inside the movie gallery. They have also added a download feature, and among the video files you can get there are mp4, wmv, flv, and 3gp files. Streaming the videos using the embedded player is another option you have.

You will find over 1500 picture sets inside to help you swallow down the large video files with a bit more ease. Many of the pictures are High Res images and saving is possible thanks to the .zip file. Things are so simpler when you use the .zip saving option since it means you will not have to go from photo to photo saving stuff, which can be tiresome. 

This BBW dedicated network is always adding more hardcore action and the sites inside are always updating. The updates come on a daily basis and they tend to be bigger, naughtier, hotter, and more hardcore than the current material. Such updates include a plumperpass discount at times. If you are wondering whether you will be able to check out and find all this action easily, the answer is yes.

The search engine might be basic but it works wonderfully. Other options include categories, tags, and a model index with all the models in their fleshy splendor. These (and more tools and options) make sure that you spend little time navigating and more time fantasying and enjoying the BBW porn action.

Interactive features like saving favorites, rating, and commenting help to make the site more interesting. To give you a taste of the action inside, you will see niches like penetrations, facials, tit jobs, blowjobs, lesbian, interracial, anal, etc. The well-rounded gals suck those long love sticks and love being pounded. Orgasms are frequent and plenty.

If you must have it big, bouncy, beautiful and would like a quality network with quality sites, then PlumperPass is your best option. BBW is a niche that lives, breeds, and comes to life inside this splendid porn network.


Digital Desire Discount

Limited Time Digital Desire Discount is Now Available!

25% off your 30 day membership ($14.95)

60% off your one year signup ($7.91/mo.)


Do you know JS Hicks? Well, who wouldn’t know him. He’s the god in the world of nude photography. The man has been out and about catching the best porn files since the early 90’s. And if you were actually a porn enthusiast, you would really develop the heart to admire this guy and follow his trail. And if that’s not the case, then you will surely be elated to how he does his work and thus, be motivated to want to become like him. So, it’s a win-win situation! Anyways, the reason I’m talking about the guy is because of the fact that he’s been up to a new gig lately and it’s called Digital Desire.

Are you familiar to Playboy TV? To tell you the truth, Digital Desire is akin to that awesome site. Or even better actually. It comes to no wonder why that is so granted the fact that it’s co-created and fortified by the same person we know as JS Hicks. In the world of porn, what does this guy know? And I bet he’s really good at all sorts of photography too after seeing how he has mastered all of his porn photography specializations. Anyway, there’s just so much to examine in this site and you will be vivified by the fact that every time you pay a visit, something always seems new and there really things that are new to watch. So really, it’s an awesomely dynamic site that can serve as your party box for porn addicts!

What You Get With Digital Desire

The site has around 1,055 videos exclusive for the members. Alongside that would be 2700 plus photo galleries that when extracted can sum up to over a hundred thousand high definition photographs that are truly worth the hourly stare if you want to feel the climax when masturbating inside the men’s room during break time.

All these and more you can get from Digital Desire for as low as 8 dollars a month. In addition, you can actually download any contents you wish for rather than just watching them! Enjoy!


OnlyAllSites Discount

Limited Time OnlyAllSites Discount is Now Available!

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Life can get so tiring and days can get so dry. So, sometimes, you really need to consider cutting yourself some slack and give time to relax. As the male species, one of the best ways to do so would be through watching high quality porn movies. And what better way can you enjoy porn than OnlyAllSites?

A Short Intro

OnlyAllSites is a porn network which encompasses full membership to Only Opaques, Only Secretaries, Only Tease, Only Silk, Only Lovely, Only Crazy, Only Silk and Satin, Only Carla and Only Melanie. In case you’we wondering what these names are, they are actually porn sites created by one creator called Only Cash. So yes, with a single membership, you get a diversity of websites and full access to them. It’s like purchasing all-in-one coffee but even better.

This conglomerate of sites is specialized in softcore porn, ultimate nudity, teasing and extreme sex. And if you actually register one by one to these sites, you will have to pay almost ten times the sum you have pay for one OnlyAllSites membership. So really, it’s the best deal there is for all porn fans out there. What’s more is that all these websites are considered premium with the value of porn quality they have that has better command over other porn sites out there. 

What You Get with the OnlyAllSites Discount

This network of porn sites comes with all-time exclusive content. The models are all so hot and you get to meet the best porn stars from different foreign nations. Collectively, there are over 4,500 high quality videos to watch and there are over 720 models that specialize in the different artistic motions in the field of porn. The movies are also available in a wide range of format and are all available and compatible to all types of mobile devices, which is very convenient for all those who want to watch porn as they go.

In addition to that, all the contents that can be found inside the network of OnlyAllSites are downloadable. So long as you as are a member for 34 dollars a month, you are definitely free to whatever you want with the videos!


GF Revenge Discount

Limited Time GF Revenge Discount is Now Available!

55% off your 30 day membership ($17.95)

60% off your six month signup ($9.95/mo.)


There are two types of girlfriends in the world. The ones who liberate and the ones who are clingy. To which you settle is always up to you. Or maybe not. Sometimes, realities of your girlfriend only surface when you have already establish a relationship overtime. And, it can get nasty. Sometimes, in the best of ways. GF Revenge is here to prove that.

If you love cute stuff and you find girls fighting each other in the name of sex and love, then GF Revenge is definitely the porn site for you. But don’t get it wrong, it’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s the other way around with bitter gourd ex-boyfriends take revenge to guys who have stolen their girls. Or even to the girls themselves. I bet this time you are really curious as to what the site really exhibits. I also bet that you definitely won’t be disappointed!

The site adheres to the demands of the modern audience. Therefore, all the contents that they upload to their database are all in the form of HD videos. This allows the audience to feel the action all the more when the ex-girlfriends start clutching the third party’s hair and end up having sex together like friggin’ wild lesbians. And I’m telling you, it’s fucking hot! There are also times when the boyfriend attacks the hood of the guy and ends up having a threesome with the girl that caused their fight. It’s funny how they suck each other’s cocks, too!

You can enjoy the site’s contents simply by registering for as low as 9.95 dollars a month. You can also sign up for the three-day trial period for only 4 dollars. The membership entitles you all of the videos and picture sets found in the site, as well as the ability to download as much as you want. Get listed now!


Sapphic Erotica Discount

Limited Time Sapphic Erotica Discount is Now Available!

33% off your 30 day membership ($19.95)

50% off your six month signup ($14.99/mo.)


The world is dynamic and everything we see in it is dynamic. Even a rock is dynamic. Though it stays the same, it will be moved as it picked and thrown. Thus, it is never the same rock again, for its sameness can only be preserved if it stays in where it stemmed from. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but be poetic. It kind of runs in the blood. And for today, the major cause of it would be (as ironic as it may sound) a porn site that seems to have really shows a whole new line of niceties since the previous visits I made back in 2011. Well, there’s always that time in your life where you remember something that you once forgot. Indeed, it only took a matter of time before I was finally able to recall this awesome porn hub I’ve known before, and still existing now. It’s called Sapphic Erotica.

If you ask me, I’m actually sapiosexual, you know, the kind of person who finds it sexy when a person’s got brains. But apart from that, I have this weird fetish for lesbians. And, that is probably what got me hooked into Sapphic Erotica back in the days. If I only didn’t become a busy travel worker in late 2011, I would have spent my nights with the same routine of Sapphic Erotica. Well, I got myself sometime now with vacations off and I see that the site has improved swell enough with a massive amount of collection, bigger than what it used to hold before. Aside from the lesbian videos, it now welcomes members with its unique photo sets that are all remastered to exhibit passionate photography for those who have a fetish for lesbians like me.

Now, let’s look a bit deeper into the different receptacles of the site. From an original database of 700 videos, the site has now expanded its library with 1,216 high quality porn videos. The ones they’ve added are all integrated with the high definition boost to get a much more vivid experience. They now feature more models which include Caprice, Brandi Love (my all time favorite, such sweet and juicy. Much love!). You can download up to 451 hours of high quality videos and you get to enjoy updates that happen every day!

If there’s a lesbian specialized porn site that won’t let you down, that would be none other than Sapphic Erotica.


Team Skeet Discount

Limited Time Team Skeet Discount is Now Available!

67% off your 30 day membership ($9.87)

83% off your one year signup ($4.99/mo.)


Team Skeet is one place that is totally focused on 18 to 19 year old gals who are beautiful, sexy, and ravenous for some sex. The sexual adventure that the gals are put through is very entertaining and arousing to watch. There is lots of material and high quality stuff on, so buckle up as we slide deeper into this mega-site.

TeamSkeet is a collection of 15 sites jammed into one impressive package. Some of the sites you will find are Solo Interviews, Step Siblings, This Girl Sucks, Rub A Teen, etc. All these sites contribute towards Team Skeet massive movie and picture galleries.

In total, Team Skeet has around 1240+ pic sets and 1351+ movie scenes. The various movie formats available (mpeg, mp4, windows, mov, QuickTime) are there to make sure you can watch the movies using various players. The thirty-minute long movies are so entertaining to watch and many are in High Def mode.

As for the pictures, there is nothing but the very best “young gal” picture shoots on this network. ZIP file for downloads and High Res images are what you can expect on Team Skeet. Every set has around 500 pictures so you will not run out of material any time soon.

Updates flash on by every day so that you are supplied with only the tightest, youngest, wettest, horniest, beautiful gals. There are sites on the network that might take longer to update than the rest, but there is never any serious shortage of material on Team Skeet.

If you are thinking, “there must be a certain flaw inside” well, you are dead wrong. Model index, material tags, browsing options, searching tools, and navigation features are all flawlessly functional. Material on this network is segregated into categories and niches for easy viewing. The greatest asset that Team Skeet has is its glorious women. The gals give the material on this network a certain “reality appeal” thanks to their down to earth demeanor. This makes the content on this network a tad bit more engaging than other porn sites.

Joining TeamSkeet is one decision you will not regret. On this network, you can really let yourself go and discover how freaky you can get. Team Skeet is quality, magnificent, young babe mega site worth every penny!


ATK Exotics Discount

Limited Time ATK Exotics Discount is Now Available!

15% off your 60 day membership ($24.99/mo.)

30% off your three month signup ($21.66/mo.)


ATK Exotics is a site filled with beautiful exotic women who are eager to please everyone. There are Latinas, ethnics, Asians, and other dazzling women from different places. This site has been on a steady “upward-improvement-model.” That means they have been working to provide more updates and higher quality all day, every day!

There is a certain “amateur taste” when it comes to the material on The navigation features like search engine help you to narrow down the massive galleries to content you want to watch. You will find that old installments are broken down into various clips.

The model index is a visual representation of the various models on ATKExotics. There is a picture and bio information about the hot gals. There are gals who only appear in the photo galleries, others in the video section, while others have both vids and pics.

Many of the gals can be located using their physical attributes as search parameters. You can find gals according to traits like big breasts, hair color, age, and ethnicity. There are features that help to slice your search parameters even further by offering you various options like photographer, sexual proclivities of the gals, fantasies and other such like criteria. The whole system is designed to be easy to use, so click and enjoy.

ATK Exotics has 26,701+ photo sets of different gals in different stages of undress, or in different sex positions. This huge gallery has pictures in High Res quality with some reaching massive 2000pixel quality. Downloads can be done using ZIP file provided.

The equally large movie gallery has 4841+ movie scenes in a plethora of formats (windows, mov, mp4, mpeg, flash). A scene can be either full-length movie, or ten minutes long clips. The sexy action on this site can also be viewed in HD quality while you are not restricted when it comes to downloads or streaming of the movies.

ATK Exotics proves that it has diversity and flexibility when it comes to “acts of fornication” by giving members various porn niches to enjoy. There is “soft core sensual” and “hardcore penetrations” on this site. You also will find interracial, blowjob, nudity, upskirts, ghetto gals, masturbation, and various others genres of porn.

ATKExotics offers new members live cam shows and constant updates of pics and videos. The models are fantastically hot, super horny, and willing to suck or fuck anything that they are given. The site is touted as an “exotic ethnic porn site.” Once you check out what they have, you will be forced to agree that they are among the very best in this field of pornography. ATK Exotics is definitely worth checking out.


Explicite Art Discount

Limited Time Explicite Art Discount is Now Available!

20% off your 90 day membership ($19.98/mo.)

30% off your five month signup ($17.99/mo.)


John B. Roots is very popular in the world of porn for so many things and one of them is directing a bunch of good looking videos. Explicite Art is one website he owns and it contains over 1149 videos and each one can be downloaded in so many formats including MP4 files and Windows Media.

Each video can also be streamed in a Flash player but they can’t be fast forwarded to the good parts if you choose that option so choose carefully. There are 1206 photo sets and each gallery could get as much as 100 pictures each. There are 300 models here and they all contain a rating that looks good on paper. The photo sets can easily be saved into Zip files so you can view them at a later date.

For updates, Explicite Art gets updated 20 times a month but over half of them are movies. You can search for any model you like in a drop down menu or choose an activity namely solo, group or lesbian. All of the videos here are in French so you probably won’t understand a thing so it is a good thing they have subtitles if you even care to listen to what they have to say since it is pretty obvious we just care about the sex.


Dancing Bear Discount

Limited Time Dancing Bear Discount is Now Available!

50% off your 30 day membership ($14.95)

67% off your one year signup ($9.95/mo.)


The reason this website is called Dancing Bear is because there is a muscular men in a bear costumer who dances around in a sorority party or a bridal shower. The only thing in common with the events is they contain all girls. It won’t take long before the guy takes off the bear costume so the girls can suck his enormous cock. It is too bad you can’t leave any comments on the videos here since they are all exclusive to the website. There are some girls who don’t get into the fun as they would rather watch while the dancing bear fucks the life of one of the girls there.

There is nothing like watching live sex action and that is exactly what is happening in this website when a group of girls all take turns sucking a guy’s cock. There was even one scene when four girls bent down on their knees and exposed their gigantic asses to the camera. The dancing bear took a look at each one and fucked the girl with the best ass. There was also one scene where the guy is already naked and he is letting each girl suck on his enormous cock. When his cock gets soft, he just masturbates it and it gets hard again. It is a good thing his cock is very obedient or else the girls in the party won’t be happy at all. There was one scene where one black stripper lets one girl swallow his cum after some hard fucking. The girl even gets to dance in the middle of the crowd completely naked and nobody is going to complain about that.

There are 102 episodes and half of them are available in HD. The women get really rowdy as the strippers here are not the usual ones where you can look but you can’t touch. In fact, you are allowed to get rowdy with them all day long since they enjoy fucking the shit out of the amateur innocent looking girls here. Words can’t describe how lucky the male stripper in these videos are but it really takes courage to be naked in front of a group of ladies. Of course, you must be proud of your body and these guys look like they have been training for quite some time in order to land this stripper job.

It is really cool how the clothed girls just laugh at the girl who is getting fucked from behind. They are all acting like it is normal but in reality, they are really jealous since they want to get fucked too. It is a surprise how the guy was able to get his dick hard and put it inside a bunch of horny women. The largest group of women who have enjoyed a dancing bear is over a hundred and there are times when all of them get to enjoy a giant dick.


Haze Her Discount

Limited Time Haze Her Discount is Now Available!

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67% off your one year signup ($9.95/mo.)


Have you ever tried to imagine what happens during a sorority initiate? Watching the videos on Haze Her will not bring out to you what actually transpires, but they portray what each and every one of us would like to believe happens behind those shut pink doors of our universities.

This site credits itself as the home to video submissions from different sororities. In fact; they say that all the submissions are actually real, so do not be surprised when you come across the term “real” used severally on the site. The real truth however, is that these videos are not real, but they are excellent and entertaining that you will not mind at all.

Presently there are 50 videos and each run for approximately thirty minutes. You will come across the pretty sisters who are so demanding and the only thing that seems to please them more is embarrassing the initiates who are so anxious to become sisters too that they are willing to do anything asked of them in order to achieve this. The initiates are asked to strip, abused verbally, put on a leash, displayed in front of a crowd of guys, clean the house, smell other initiates’ asses and pussies suck and ride strapons and much more.

The Haze Her content can be filtered using keyword tags into similar scenes. You are also able to save your favorites and rate the scenes. Not only are these babes gorgeous, but they are also excellent performers. You will notice that they do not look at the camera unnecessarily. This has made the scenes to appear so real that you will be left asking yourself several questions. The content is of high quality and you are able to stream the videos in an embedded player or download them in different formats that include Widows Media and an HD MP4 file. Each movie is accompanied with a set of high-res pictures and the fifty photo galleries can be downloaded in Zip files. Although the site still does not have a huge amount of content, it continues to grow.

Haze Her’s updating schedule however is not a great one since new content is only added once every two weeks. It also does not offer any bonus sites, but all in all, it has adequate to keep you entertained and you should definitely check it out.


ATK Galleria Discount

Limited Time ATK Galleria Discount is Now Available!

15% off your 60 day membership ($24.99/mo.)

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ATK Galleria is a site that features amateur models. The variety, brilliance and beauty of these chicks will leave you yearning for more. The brains behind this site have made certain changes to its design but this does not mean that you will not come across some of the old and less-user-friendly interface.

On the “current updates” page, you will find a scrolling text box that has the most recent news from the site. The photo and movies section has the content listed by gallery number, but you will have to click on the pictures to find out what they feature.However,searching by videos or photo sets results into a display of thumbnails enabling you to search with much more ease. You will have access to more than 9,254 movies. The older versions can be downloaded in MPEG clips, but the most recent ones can be saved in Windows Media and MP4 files. Quite a number of HD scenes are also availed to you. There is also an option for QuickTime formats and most of these flicks can be streamed in Flash.

The over 26,778 photo galleries are separated into soft core and hard core action. The pictures on ATK Galleria come in amazing high-res versions and are excellent. Each of these sets can be downloaded in Zip files hence you will not have any hustles saving your favorite porn.The site also has a model directory that enables you to search the models in an alphabetical manner. Choosing any letter, apart from Q or U, will bring up over 100 thumbnails and clicking on each provides you with a list of the babe’s content together with a link to her bio. This makes it possible for you to know about her fantasies, favored foods and much more.

The earlier mentioned search model enables you to locate material that meets precise criteria. However, there are other traits such as hair color, puffy nipples, hairy pussy and much more that will assist you in locating exactly what you desire for your entertainment. ATK Galleria is amazing and with all those gorgeous amateurs involved in a variety of sex action, joining it should definitely be a must.


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It is pretty understandable how someone would label Wow Girls as the future of porn because the girls in this website will wow you several times until your cock is no longer hard. There are 366 videos and all of them were made in a manner that is more than watchable.

You won’t find any amateur camera work on Wow Girls as the makers of this website made sure to double check the videos before release them to the public. There are full length flicks and there is also small portions for every flick for those who want to skip the parts where the girls are trying to get persuaded by the guys to have sex with them. You are going to have to get used to porn movies that have boring parts because they can’t just go directly to the sexy parts. They must have a back story of how they got there and it must be told. However, if you are horny enough then you must skip those parts in order to masturbate right away.

The videos can be streamed through an embedded player or downloaded through several formats. There are also 576 photo sets and they can be downloaded into a zip file. The photos and videos cover a variety of niches including lesbian fucking, mother on daughter and gang bang action. You are always going to get something new with this website everyday whether it is a video or a photo set.

When you sign up for a membership, you are going to get a bonus site entitled Wow Porn. Three months later, you are going to get 7 more bonus sites and a bunch of live cam sessions with hot girls that you thought only existed in your dreams. You can also save your favorites so you can come back to those videos at another time. There is also an option to leave comments so you can let everyone know what you thought but you must know other people can react to your comments since all members can also post comments. Wow Girls is one website that has the wow factor as you will be impressed with the number of hits it gets everyday.


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Not only does Nubile Films have a good looking website but they also have great content that will make any horny guy satisfied. They have 98 videos in high definition and 76 photo sets. There is no advanced search so the growing content would make that a problem. You won’t be able to save your favorites either but you can make use of some helpful keyword tags. You can leave comments though so you can say whatever you want about the videos there. You can also rate the videos there according to how good it was. If it made you cum a lot then it certainly deserves a high rating.

The girls on Nubile Films are not the type that have to wear make up in order to look good. Their beauty seems natural and the erection of the guys seems real. The girls don’t look like they have had sex a bit too much either. They look like they are just starting to like the world of porn which is always fun to watch.

Nubile Films is growing fast as there have been 14 updates in the past 30 days which makes it one update for every two days. There is a blog named “backstage” but there are no additional pics and videos there. The only thing you can expect is write ups from the blogger who possesses good grammar. There are no bonus sites so you must fit yourself in with the main content.

You won’t be left sad with the content here as you would even want more because the content here is not exactly the type that will make you masturbate to something new for a year. You are going to notice that the content at Nubile Films was produced by professionals since the quality is way up there whether it is girl to girl action or hardcore sex. You would not have any regrets becoming a member here since they got some delicious exclusive content that any hardcore fan would love.


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Burning Angel is a pretty good site when you consider the fact that they are based around the niche of EMO porn, which has had its time in the sun for the most part. The site has a nice layout, with all of their most popular videos up top and then the highest rated ones directly beneath that.

They also have an interesting section where the girls from the site interview some members of hard rock and metal bands. While they are not going to attract the likes of Metallica, they still managed to book the thrashing, sex-crazed band GWAR for an interesting interview.

Burning Angel has a news section that will fill you in on all of the latest happenings on the site, and give you some pointers on where to find the mist interesting material. Burning Angel also has a section on the site that is dedicated to giving interviews and videos directly from the girls on the site before they are filming. Speaking of films, Burning Angel as shot most of their videos in the latest 1080p high definition. Another great part about this site is that they have over one thousand videos that are exclusive to the site, meaning that you will not be able to find them anywhere else on the web.

Right now they have over three hundred different girls that work for this site and this site alone. They have made over one thousand movies, four hundred DVDs, and have taken part in over five thousand different video shoots with close to seventy thousand different photographs as a result. All in all, this site has the numbers, and they have young, hot, and unique girls shooting their videos for your viewing pleasure.

In order to join this site you need to become a member. They have a small one day trial version that only costs $2.95. This gives you basic access to the site and nothing more. For a full month of membership to the site you will pay the standard $29.99. Also, they have a year long membership that costs you $9.99 a month. If you want to see the hottest emo girls on the web, then you need to check out Burning Angel today.


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Blacks on Blondes is a niche site that does just about everything that they can to offend the sensibilities of their audience. They cast the typical “Dumb Hood Rats” and then add in some naive women to serve the roles of their Blondes. The site does so many things wrong that we will have to view each thing individually. First, the layout of the site is awful. As soon as you log on there are about twenty different areas that are brightly flashing trying to draw your attention.

They are part of the “illustrious” Dog Fart network, which prides itself on providing the worst quality porn as well as some of the most idiotic excuses for a script that have ever been attempted. They say that they specialize in cuckolds, creampies, and cumfarts, but really all they care about is taking pictures of well endowed men and then small, worn out porn actresses pointing with their mouths agape. They have apparently won some AVN awards for the best interracial, but the fact of the matter is that they just play on tired, old, gansta stereotypes and then hope that they can find people that are actually attracted to this kind of adult entertainment.

The only positive quality of Blacks on Blondes is that they give you access to twenty two other sites if you actually spend the money to join. However, this seems to be more of an apology than an attempt to provide high quality porn. Another sadly irritating part about this site is that there are more pictures of men on the home page than there are women. Unless they are trying to attract the gay niche, which they obviously are not, then they need to get more pictures of the bottle blondes. The only reason that I can think of for them not showing their actual models is that they are only women on the downside of their careers as porn actresses.

In order to join the site you have to pay a dollar for a day of access, but are limited to just the one site. Personally, this dollar could be better spent on a pack of gum. If you want to get a full month of access to the site and all of the Dogfart network, then you need to pay $29.99. However, there are many other better uses for the money, and much better quality porn to be found on the web. By the way, all of this is a joke! Join Blacks on Blondes, if you enjoy interracial goodness!


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Passion HD promised hot girls at your fingertips and they do deliver. They also update the website 3-5 times per week with quality stuff so you must be excited for that. Who does not like HD porn? The hardcore sex scenes now look more real than they ever have. There is a live cams section where girls are performing live right in front of you. Unfortunately, you are going to have to pay extra to get access to these girls.

For bonus features, you can go to the deals page and get up to 40% discount to other websites on the Passion HD network. It will surely be a good deal when you get the hang of it. The scenes page is where all the movies are as you have the option to stream it on an HD player or download it to your preferred format and watch it later. The best part is there is actually an option to save the scenes to your favorites so you can jack off of the videos at another time.

The latest updates are on the top of the scenes section and the latest one is a video called Holly and Annika. You can never really tell which is Annika and Holly since that is not important anyway. What’s important is they entertain us and they indeed do with a threesome with some lucky man and they get into it with each other as well. They have fun sex for about 25 minutes until one of the girls swallow the cum of the guy and the other girl eats some of it as well. If you are a major fan of high definition porn then you have come to the right place.

There is nothing like seeing wild girls get into it with each other as the action looks almost real. This website is indeed a winner with the major hot girls and the daily updates. Passion HD is one website you would not regret being a member of especially since there is a discounted price available.


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Playboy has already established itself as a big name in porn so Playboy Plus has understandably attracted a lot of attention already. The updates here come in bunches everyday so you would have something to look forward to. The videos are not known to be long here though. There is no advanced search either so the basic search tool will do for now. You won’t be able to save favorites in the website so you just have to make use of the bookmark tool in your web browser.

There are 4263 videos here and the best videos are already in HD. You can choose to stream them on an embedded player or download them in an MP4 format and view them later. When you head to the main page, you will already see the latest updates on the website so you will find out what’s new right away. You can sort the photos and videos by most popular or most viewed. You can also see what is being viewed at the moment.

There are 5317 photo sets and that is an impressive number especially considering the fact that the photos are Playboy quality which means they are superb. You can choose to download them in a Zip set or view them right away in a slide show. They have photos of celebrities in their raunchiest photo sets. There is even a link to the Playboy store in order to buy their elusive items. The stuff on Playboy Plus are what you will usually find in the magazine as there are no hardcore fucking but there is some naked posing.

There is no doubt you would enjoy everything Playboy Plus has to offer. The girls here are hotter than most porn websites that offer a more expensive membership fee. There are also interviews and advice columns that you will find useful in your sex life. If you are a fan of the actual magazine then there is no doubt you will love the stuff here. It is soft core porn at its finest and you are going to enjoy every bit of it.


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If you have ever reflected upon the fond memories of first time sex, and want to know if there is a site dedicated to just that, then you do not need to look any further than FTVGirls.

FIrst time girls specializes in finding the virgins among us, and deflowers them for you to see. These are not just any girls though, these are the most intelligent beautiful, all natural, and genuine girls that you will meet. This site is designed to be easy to access while retaining the aesthetic qualities of a contemporary webpage.

When you first log on, you will see the top models on the FTVGirls network. Each week they pick a new girl to highlight while featuring her content on the front page of the website. Each one of the models specializes in something different; whether it is public nudity, masturbation, or even extreme fetishes. Bottom line, this site has the potential to fit every adult entertainment niche that you can think about.

Now, of course FTVGirls has its drawbacks, and of course it is in the models. The quality of these women cannot be overstated; they are beautiful and sexy. However, finding virgin girls, or even those who have not tried certain sex acts is very difficult, and they must be rotated in and out of the site as it is needed. This results in limited content availability. On average, the site is only updated twice a month, meaning that you can literally go for weeks without seeing a new video or model. While the archived videos may be enough for some, you will quickly move through the videos and photography section. Overall, this site considering the ftvgirls discount in mind, this site is a great addition to the web because it is able to provide a niche that many other sites cannot touch out of the fear of limiting their appeal.

You will see beautiful girls trying out many different acts for the first time right in front of your eyes. If this sounds like something that would interest you, then there is no reason not to go to FTVGirls right now to see what they are all about.


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One of the oldest names in the adult entertainment industry has finally taken their business into the twenty first century. Playboy has once again come to the forefront as they have now founded a new website called Playboy TV.

This is a web channel that is specifically dedicated to creating high quality television shows based around the Playboy brand. They have many different types of dramas that feature some of the most well known names in the business.

Now, many people will view this with a skeptical eye because adult entertainment is negatively stereotyped as being bad scripts and even worse acting. However, on this site you can be assured that it uses the only the best actresses and professional camerawork. These workers are actors first; and just happen to be having sex, in essence. Playboy TV itself is top of the line and very easy to navigate. Trending on the homepage are the latest videos and shows along with a brief description of the activities that are going to take place on camera.

One of the best parts about Playboy TV is that it can be taken anywhere that a mobile device can connect to the internet. You can watch the shows from home, on a laptop, or even on a touch pad. The site also has a scheduling guide as well as a list of the shows that you will be able to tune into. The downside of this site is the limited content as well as the costs. On this site you will see all of the usual sexy content that can be expected from Playboy. However, there are no real niches, and there is essentially no chance of seeing any hardcore action at all on this site.

When it comes to the pricing, you pay more for the Playboy name than you pay for the quality of the content. Also, you must join up through your local internet connection or even your cable provider, which can ruin the sense of anonymity that is provided by using an internet porn site. Overall, Playboy TV is an interesting distraction with some quality shows, but if you are looking for porn, then you should consider going somewhere else.


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You might not show it, you might not acknowledge it, but we all have our naughty wicked side. Wicked Pictures is one site that helps you explore and discover a side that you try to hide. Over 600 DVDs available equals over 3000 scenes spanning back to the 90s.

Being all modern is nice but sometimes you need throwback movie that shows you hot models and how they used to do their stuff back in the day. Save the scenes in mp4 format and enjoy some “quite time” with your favorite model.

Current scenes, pics, and videos are of course in the acceptable High-Def format that we have all become accustomed to. Wicked Pictures takes the space between you and your favorite pornstars away. It brings you close to movies like “Cougars Versus Kittens” and “Sexpionage”.

Watch Jenna Jameson (and countless other big name models) hot action by streaming or downloading the various clips, pics and scenes available on this site. Word to wise, this site has implemented a “condom only” policy since 2004.

Wicked Pictures member’s area features updated DVDs. The easy to use navigation bar takes you to various niches. The model index has all the ladies neatly assembled for your wicked viewing pleasure. Many of the movies come with galleries where you can browse pic sets and information about the various stars.

The new sets and scenes contain eye popping High Resolution pictures. You can watch the pictures using the Slideshow option or download them in zip format to view at your leisure.

Each week comes with the gift of a new full length DVD so you will not be bored at all. Wicked Pictures has links that take you to scheduled live cams where you can entertain your wicked desires and watch pornstars perform for your private viewing delight. Wicked Pictures is definitely worth your valuable time if you want some wicked and wild porn content.


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Click on to the member’s area on Twistys and instantly you are taken to videos, pictures and DVDs full of hot international models all waiting to please you. “What is the degree of hotness the models posses?” About 99.98 degrees Celsius, which is the equivalent of boiling water (very, very hot!)

The Twistys site is teeming with updated pictures and videos of the wildest most exotic females you have ever seen. The Daily update feature means that you are introduced to the “Fiercest of Kittens” who will definitely make you purr in pleasure.

You get a summary of the content and teasing little thumbnails that will quickly get you hooked. On Twistys, you get hot babes satisfying their deep longings while making sure you see every curve, bump and pleasure spot they have to offer. What more could a porn lover want or need?

The Twistys “hardcore section” features over 285 different scenes. With so much content available, the site has made sure that searching for models, pics, or videos is as seamless as possible. The twistys discount has tempting and hot as well. The menu bar at the top allows for searches according pics, videos or updates. You can use the extensive model index to find your favorite babes in alphabetical order.

Further tools can be used to dissect further the search parameters to things such as exclusivity, most popular, and dates. With over 3000 models, you are definitely going to find the right hot babe who will take you to Mars and back!

Video formats supported include wmv, mp4, QuickTime, flash, mov, etc. Lest we forget, content on this site comes to you in High Def resolution of 3000 by 2000 for pics and 1280 by 720 for movies.

Thousands of photo sets with zip download format, download or streaming options, full length movies with big name directors and models, bonus sites like Busty Ones, and countless DVDs are what you get when you sign up on Twistys. You will definitely get your money’s worth (and then some) as far as this site goes.


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Do you remember the good old times when you were still in college? It comes a big disparity between your high school years. You get to enjoy as much booze as you want and then end up having sex all night! Oh year, the wonderful memories, truly priceless. Just when you thought you can never have it back, think again. College Rules will help you reminisce the good old college years with its sexual imagery as if you are reliving it all over again.

Here are my personal opinions about College Rules:

  • One, you get to feel young all over again.
  • Two, you get to share how the good old days used to be for you with the love of your life of today.-Three, you get to learn what you may have missed back in “college” — just like kamasutra posts that you could have tried as teens, which you can actually still try because it’s never too late.

Awesome Features of College Rules

This wonderful source of porn will never fail to bring you new items on the selection each and every day. And to be more particular, it will update you with…

  • Nothing but the best lengthy back-boned sex stories that are themed for the college life
  • Videos about college boys being lured into the lairs of legendary MILFs
  • Videos about innocent college girls transforming into aggressive entities that become beasts on bed, which is the common fantasy of every man

College Rules also features elements that can serve for your convenience, particularly search filters that will give you exactly what you want in front of your gossamer LCD screen.

There’s always a point of time everyday that we get that sexy feeling. And it is natural to plunge into that kind of desire because we are all humans and we have needs for sexual pleasure. Age is just a number and with College Rules, you will feel forever young with the wonderful, youthful and magical porn scoops you get to spoon feed your eyes on a daily basis.


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In my 21 years of existence, 6 of it have been filled with thoughts of absolute pornography. Our minds are prejudiced by the things around us, the sounds we hear and the images we see. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t worry, child — losing your innocence is a part of your destiny the same it is to other people. Nobody is an exception to being susceptible of change and we can never be exactly the way we used to be. And if you think you already have the best source of porn content, think again when you get to meet Naughty America in case you haven’t yet.

In case you haven’t tried exploring Naughty America yet, you are missing out almost half of your life. This major source of porn has always made it big in the industry and almost every porn fan knows about it and continues to root for it whenever they want to sense a good kind of sexual feeling. It is perhaps the mastermind of countless true to life sex stories and fantastically portrayed sex drama aired on the web.

Naughty America has got everything you need, which is basically a major reason why it has a Rabbit Score of 95 over the top being a hundred. Here are a couple other good stuff you should know about it:

  • Daily updates from pictures to videos that only come in the best of image qualities.
  • You get to mark your favorites to easily find them whenever you feel like taking them as inspiration for masturbation again… or to have the extreme experience with your partner.
  • It branches out to numerous porno sites that are specialized for different types of preferential contents, like Asian, Busty Blondes, Rack Gifted Brunettes, Creampie Goodies, Interracial Delicacies and other magical items you could ever think of on the list.

On top of that, Naughty America grants a trial period that allows you to watch as much as you can for a week for only a dollar. Only after then you will have to decide to pursue with the cheap membership fee or not. Because the best doesn’t have to be much of an expense, Naughty America will always be there for your pornographic needs.


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Bang Bus is their most known site. However, these brothers have compiled some many more other sites and you can now view them on the BangBros Network. They have also put together some special categories that have extra DVD movies for your complete entertainment, so you definitely have a huge amount of content to go through. You will also access bonus movies of different varieties together with the over forty sites in the BangBros Network. Membership grants you access to sites such as Tug Jobs, Street Ranger, Ball Honeys and many more other entertaining sites.

Most of them are based on gonzo or actuality themes, but some have awesome Latina fucking and huge tits or big asses. You will view many hard-core couples in action but there are also lesbian sex, group sex and much more entertainment.

If you are an MILF enthusiast or a teen fanatic, then you are also catered for at BangBros. Even if you are a deal hunter, you see that bangbros coupon right?There are over 6,413 movies with most recent being added on a daily basis. Older scenes will usually have fewer download and streaming options availed to them. Most scenes though have at least one HD viewing option. You can opt to have the full-length clips, a compilation of four parts or a series that run for approximately five minutes.

The older scenes are of great quality although there are some that are grainy. Full-length movies can be obtained in both MP4 and Windows Media and the clips also contain an extra MPEG option. Each scene has a set of video caps that you can view online or save in Zip files. Unfortunately, there is no separate photo category so if you want to view pics, you will be forced to click on each scene to determine which are accompanied with photos. However, most of them have photos and you will access more than 6,200 photo galleries. The older ones are only obtainable in low-res images, but the most recent are spectacular with gorgeous images. All can be saved in a Zip file.

There is no advanced search module provided, but browsing the material is easy. You can sort by newest scene, most rated and most favorite. You can also filter by different categories and a drop down menu is provided to enable you filter by site. Trending scenes and sites can also be located. BangBros has a vast amount of porn that is great and entertaining and you should definitely plan on visiting it.


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Because of the teaser video that you will come across on the tour for Brazzers Network, it is believed that this is the most magnificent porn website you can access in the world today. This might be a huge acclaim, but it certainly is true because the internet has numerous sites boasting of being the best while in real sense they do not stand a chance against other available sites. Membership grants you access to thirty sites for example Butts and Blacks, Big Wet Butts, Doctor Adventures and many more others.

All these sites have been compiled by the Brazzers production and they done a perfect job. The sites are amazing and moving from one site to the other is really simple. You will simply let the cursor hover above the “explore” tab then click on “sites and niches” and then you will be able to venture into any site of your liking.

You can also browse through the material by most rated episodes, involve the use of keyword tags in locating films that have particular sex acts and use a model index to find those films that feature your much-loved porn stars. You will find all your preferred porn stars in action here including a combination of both youthful and adult chicks. If you love watching huge tits, massive asses and large cocks, then this most definitely your place, since most of the sites lay emphasis on busty chicks and girls with huge bottoms who fancy getting it down and dirty with the guys. This you will realize the moment you perusing through the content and it does not require a genius to figure out that the brazzers coupon is one of a kind.

Brazzers content is of excellent quality with 5,001 videos available for you. You can stream them through the embedded Flash player and them as either clips or full-length movies. You can also save them in MP4 and Windows Media files and most are available in HD. Although the videos usually have a set of pictures, there are some that only offer video caps. There are approximately 4,889 photo galleries that have very clear pictures. When watched online, the pictures are not huge, but when you download them in Zip files, you end up with high-res versions.

A few of the Brazzers sites no longer update, but most of them still find it appropriate to avail to you a new content each week. This results into you having access to over a dozen most current scenes every week. You will definitely not experience any shortages of porn here. To top it all, it was awarded a major award in 2013 and obtaining membership is surely worthwhile.


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Digital Playground is a popular pornographic website with a loyal fan base and a host of different features. Here you will find some of the world’s most famous pornographic stars, including Jayden James, Jessie Jane, and Bibi Jones.

The website is easy to navigate around and members can get access to well over 2000 different movies, with a number of sexual niches including point-of-view and oral sex. The website is one of the most established on the internet which specializes in adult entertainment, having been a major player in the porn industry since the early 1990s. Although videos cannot be downloaded directly to your computer, they can be streamed directly on the site in a variety of different ways. Several videos are also available in high definition, although every video has a good level of playback quality. There are also image galleries available, which feature many different models.

New videos are listed on the main landing page and members can filter videos through a number of different options including videos that have been the most watched, or videos that have been the most liked. There is also customer service support for individuals who are having trouble viewing a video or have any other query about how to best utilize the website. The website’s administrators can be contacted via email and responses are usually prompt, with clear and concise instructions on how to make the most out of the many features available on the website.

In order to sign up for a new account with Digital Playground, an individual will first need to decide on a method of payment and then enter a few details about themselves including their email address. Members will then need to click on a link which has been embedded in the body of an email which has been sent to their inbox in order to complete the registration process and give them full access to the vast amount of content on Digital Playground. Members can also get access to bonus DVD content on the website as part of their subscription fee.


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Reality Kings is a pornographic network which features over 6000 of the hottest girls and well over 4000 hours of video. The network consists of a total of 37 different websites, and once a member joins one website they get free access to every website in the network. The registration process is straight-forward and new members will need to provide a few contact details such as their email address, before validating their online account by clicking on an embedded link within a welcome email which has been sent to their inbox. Once this has been done, the registration process is complete and members will get full access to all 37 websites in the network.

Each video has been filmed using the highest-quality production techniques, and there are over 700 different scenes, which porn that will cater to almost every sexual niche and fetish. Here you will find some of the hottest girls in the world, and the site is extremely easy to navigate, with all menus and categories clearly listed. There is an effective search function, making it much easier for you to find your favorite actress or movie, and the website is designed well, with a contemporary color palette, with all new videos listed on the main landing page with thumbnail previews and a brief description of what the scene entails.

The Exploited College Girls coupon is frequently updated and the database on Reality Kings is every-increasing, meaning there is something for everyone available on one of the 37 different websites. Videos can be downloaded in a variety of different file formats, including FLV, MPEG and files for Windows Media Player. Members can even download video content for their smartphone or mobile tablet device, which is handy when watching content on the go, for example if you are on vacation or are away from home.

The videos can also be streamed directly on the site, ideal for members who do not want to download any content directly on to their computer. The Flash player that is used to stream videos is stable and there are rarely any problems with streaming or buffering. Members also have the option of watching a particular scene, or smaller clips. There are also a plethora of online photo galleries, with images that can be download via the Zip file format. Images are large, and members can navigate from one photo to the next easily. Other features include the ability to bookmark or favorite a particular video, ideal to come back to a video at a later date.


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In VideoBox, you won’t experience any type of hidden charges when trying to download porn there. You are going to get the largest collection of porn at a very unbelievable price. They have over 15,000 DVDs with over 88183 scenes in these goodies. Some of these even come in several formats for the viewing pleasure of different users. VideoBox is all about movies as you won’t find any pictures here. The movies come in different themes including interracial, mothers and kinks. Updates come in bunches as you would see 4 to 5 new videos everyday.

A porn site usually won’t have a feature like this but you can edit the video you are downloading so you can fast forward to the good parts. Because of that, you can now skip the foreplay part and just watch the banging so you can cum right away. There are thumbnails there so you can edit the video however you want it to be. There is also a feature in the website called “flow mode” where a bunch of scenes are being shown at the same time. You can click on one of them and it will be shown in a larger scene.

There is even a search engine so you can take a look at what you want right away and a videobox coupon to make joining stress free. You can also flow the videos you selected by criteria whether it is by date or even by preference. This is one feature that will take away a lot of your time and you won’t even notice it. You surely won’t regret a visit to VideoBox.

You might think navigation on this website would be hard but that is not the case at all. You can enjoy a large amount of porn when you are horny and you won’t even have a hard time looking for your favorite scenes. You must favorite scenes where you came real hard so it can happen again when you are feeling a bit itchy. You will even receive a Roku box for free if you choose the 18 month membership option and that is a very irresistible deal. The Roku box is one tool that will allow you to stream all the content to your television. Joining VideoBox is pretty much recommended for every hardcore porn lover who has dreamed of satisfying his porn cravings.


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The hardcore girls here are from different places like Brazil, Greece and the Czech Republic. Once upon a time, X Art only had videos but that has since changed and they now have over 270 videos. Each video has outstanding quality with perfect music. All the videos have a length of about 15 minutes each too.

The videos can be downloaded in various formats including QuickTime and Windows media which would make a lot of hardcore fans happy. For those who want to watch the movies in their mobile device, they will be happy to know that there is an MP4 version available for that. You can tell these movies were produced masterfully and the director certainly knew what he was doing the entire time. The videos can also be streamed using a flash player but your Internet must be fast in order to have a rocking good time.

You won’t regret checking out the website’s 340 photo galleries as each picture is a magnificent masterpiece. You can browse for the picture you are looking for either by date or by model. Each picture is available in 3 different sizes and the biggest one would give you a high resolution look. All the photo sets can also be saved in a Zip file so you can take a look at them when you are not connected to the Internet.

You won’t see any bonus materials here but the website is updated three times a week. It would really vary as some weeks would bring you one picture and two videos while other weeks would updated the website with one video and a couple of pictures. The women here are so beautiful that you will fantasize about them for days. It would take you a very long time before you decide to jack off to another woman there.


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Evil Angel is a porn website that has everything from trannies, cum swapping, anal licking and even group sex. The use of sex toys are also seen here in order to make the sex even more exciting. You can download up to 3,008 photo galleries containing today’s hottest porn stars. The photo won’t have good quality when it is seen online but it would become better when it is downloaded on to your computer. It is also possible to download over 8111 scenes from various porn scenes. It would be better to download these scenes instead of watching the whole movie so you would be taken right away to the good parts.

The scenes feature the biggest names in the porn industry so you won’t be able to blame yourself if you are excited for the download to be finished. They also have over three thousand videos that are available in high definition so the videos can truly be enjoyed.

Believe it or not, there is even a video on Evil Angel of a porn star who can make her asshole wink. It is a very extraordinary skills so it is really worth checking out. The website is always updated and there is even a live cam show where live girls are performing right in front of you. There is nothing like wanking off to beautiful girls performing right in front of you as there is no doubt you will cum several times. There is also a search engine so you can find what you need right away. They also have preview thumbnails so viewers would get a glimpse of the porn stars posing in a very seductive pose. There is no such thing as a perfect porn site but this website is very close to that.

You can’t ask for anything more when you find out that the biggest names in the porn industry is on Evil Angel and it is even updated with their latest pictures and movies everyday. You can just sit back and relax as it won’t take long before you get a hard on from what you are watching.


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The focus of Met Art is entirely on erotic soft core photography. World renowned erotic photographers display their finest work of art in the website. The website has been around since 2005 and each year has its own unique content. It also provides a model index so you can go to your favorite model right away.

It also has live cams for those wanting a live show on their computer. The largest size of the pictures is actually 4000×2677 while the medium size is 2048×1366. There are 1020 movies in the website and all of them are between 4 to 10 minutes in length. The quality of the movies vary and it all depends on the time the movie was made. If it is very recent then it is available in high definition as well. All the movies are available in most formats including MP4. The list of photographers in the website are star studded as you would know them by name. They are more than happy to showcase their finest soft core photography work in the website. First class photography is present in the website as the models are captured in impressive photos and they are even edited to make it better.

The smallest size is 1024×683 and it is not really as big as the other two but it still makes the user see a good image. Nobody would ever say anything bad about the quality of each photo in the website because you can tell everyone worked hard for it to be presented in such a perfect manner.

Met Art is updated throughout the day so you can check it out after only a few hours and you would be surprised that there are new photos posted that are of high quality. You can also subscribe to the official newsletter of the website in order to find out the latest on their website as they will send it straight to your email. There is also a search bar so you can find out right away if your favorite model has any new photos for the day.